Beta testing & Airdrop of 100,000 SCOMP tokens 

Stablecomp is opening the testnet for beta testing at the request of some of our eager supporters. The activity will be publicized with an Airdrop program to reward social sharing with future delivery of SCOMP tokens.

There will also be a Mainnet Prelaunch Early Adopter Program coming after the beta testing is complete. The Early Adopter Program will feature SCOMP Airdrop rewards both for using the platform and for completing social sharing tasks.

Social Share Airdrop Details

The Airdrop offers an incentive for sharing information about the Beta Testing event. But the Airdrop is not just a way to spread the word about beta testing. The Airdrop is a way for Stablecomp to reward our earliest supporters and gain our first users. SCOMP tokens, after all, are much more than just an Airdrop reward; they are designed to deliver lasting benefits in all market conditions.

The campaign will start on June 5th at 18:00 P.M. GMT+1 and will end on 18th June 2023, 11:59PM GMT+1. To qualify for the Airdrop, participants will complete social sharing tasks using Gleam:

Each task is worth a specific number of points. The more tasks you complete, the higher your chances of winning a share of the airdrop. The Stablecomp supporters with the highest point scores will earn a share of the 100,000 SCOMP tokens:

The top 50 users will receive 1000 SCOMP tokens each The 51th to the 100th users will receive 500 SCOMP tokens each The 101th to the 200th users will receive 250 SCOMP tokens each The airdropped SCOMP tokens will be subject to the same vesting as marketing tokens: 5% at IDO, the remaining 95% vested monthly over one year [].

Beta Testing

Stablecomp is targeting specific communities to test the dApp functions and user experience. Most of the invited communities are Italian, but if you manage a community and you would like your members to have access, you can get an invitation by emailing

During this phase (desktop only), beta-testers can:

1 Get access to the test network by following simple set up guidelines following this link: [] 2 Obtain testnet SCOMP tokens by sending an email to 3 Use test SCOMP tokens to interact with smart contracts here: The Stablecomp team is eager to hear your opinion. Please join the beta testing program and let us know what you like and what changes you would recommend. You can contact us at our official email address:

Please note, while Stablecomp team is sincerely grateful for the effort of beta-testers, the testnet does not have a tracking feature so it is not technically possible to reward testers directly. But by participating, you can help fine-tune the Stablecomp platform to deliver a user experience that you and other users will love. And you will be ready to join the Prelaunch testing and get a chance to earn some Airdrop SCOMP.

Please beware of scammers posing as project members. This problem is not specific to Stablecomp, of course. Scammers always hover around airdrops looking for victims. And you already know: never reveal your private keys to anyone.

Thanks everyone!

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