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The first platform to easily manage and earn interests on your stablecoins.

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Stablecomp Token

Risk/Reward Matrix

1-Click Staking

Automated Compound

Analytics Section

Stablecomp App interface

The Mission

Stablecomp offers, with an intuitive and user friendly interface, the automatic self-composition of all stable annuity opportunities present on the best Blockchains, sorting them into a risk / return matrix.

The integrated analytics section allows users to monitor returns and assets diversification.

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Stablecomp is a multichain defi platform. Stablecomp guarantee the highest level of diversification for its users, by landing on BSC and then Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum and Mintlayer chains.

Multi-chain means multiple opportunities, and Stablecomp guarantee the highest level of diversification for its users, by landing on Avalanche, Ethereum and BSC.

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Choose your Risk/Return level

The matrix makes the job of selecting stablecoin annuity opportunities quick and easy. It offers the user a synthetic analysis of all stablecoin pools present on the apps of the selected chain, dividing them by risk and return.

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The Stablecomp's risk/return matrix


How Stablecomp works.Its working flow

The automatic farming mechanism allows users to easily obtain returns in stablecoin.
They just have to deposit and withdraw the stablecoin they prefer with just 1-Click. The automatic-Self Composition will do everything.

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Stablecomp analytics interface

your yield

Three simple graphs to analyze and visualize all user data:
asset allocation, realized & average return and the 1-year yield projection charts.

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Earn more with $SCOMP token


$SCOMP is the native governance token of Stablecomp. By holding this token and staking tokens as part of our government mechanisms, users can directly take part in the decision-making process.

Stablecomp token image

Governance pool

A portion of the fees paid by our yield farming vault users is distributed among holders of the $SCOMP token staked in the pool which pays out rewards in SCOMP.


An excellent project comes from excellent planning

Q1 2022

✓ Completion of the Development Team
✓ UI Beta development
✓ UI Testing & Revision
✓ UI Release
✓V1 Development initiation

Q2 2022

○ V1 tuning
○ V1 internal testing
○ Massive marketing campaign & KOL activation
○ V1 community testing
○ V1 launch with support for first chain

Q3 2022

○ Pre IDO Marketing
○ Governance Opening
○ Support for second chain
○ New Vaults (ongoing)
○ Pre launch marketing Event
○ IDO launch

Q4 2022

○ Support for third Chain
○ New Vaults
○ Community Incentives
○ Analytics section


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Gianluca Landini

Gianluca Landini


Salvatore Luciano Furnari

Salvatore L. Furnari

Lawyer & Chartered Accountant

Stefano Coppola

Stefano Coppola

Senior Analyst

Mirko Maggiore

Mirko Maggiore


Marco Iodice

Marco Iodice

Business Developer

Liz Biella

Liz Biella

CMO - Marketing

Chris Connelly

Chris Connelly

Community Manager

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado

Solidity Developer

Javier Cabrera

Javier Cabrera

Front-end Developer

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