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The first platform to easily manage and earn interest on your stablecoins.

Automatic strategies
Track your allocations
Boost your yields
Risk analysis

Our mission:

A safe yield for your  stablecoins  

  • Automatic self composition
  • Leveraged delta neutral strategies
  • Unleveraged delta neutral strategies


Boost your yields 

Deposit your liquidity and boost your returns in SCOMP up to 8x through our vote escrow token system.


Take an interest in your allocation 

  • Asset allocation
  • 1-year yield projection chart
  • Realized & average return


Improve your defi experience 

SCOMP is the native governance token of Stablecomp. Stake SCOMP tokens to obtain veSCOMP tokens and several benefits and rights: vote on proposals, boost rewards, earn a share of protocol fees, unlock insurance services and more…

Earn a share of 50% on protocol fees
Free insurance
Boosted returns
DAO participation

Our team 

Gianluca LandiniFounder
Alessandro RicciHead of Product
Marco IodiceProject Manager
Daniele DuchesDeveloper
Stefano CoppolaSenior Analyst
Pietro BocchiniMathematical Model Optimization

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