DeFi, Curve and Choosing Stability 

The cryptocurrency market, as we know, is cyclical and very volatile. It is composed of bullish, accumulation and bearish phases that could be exploited to obtain the maximum possible profits.

Despite this, it is also important to protect a part of the capital by exploiting the most convenient opportunities that decentralized finance has to offer; especially after the recent, and ongoing, turmoil regarding the space and its non stablecoin based and backed products, as seen in the latest developments of the Curve Finance Exploits. Because of a large number of stablecoins using Curve's pools for liquidity, and even more tokens having the protocol's native token CRV as balancer and collateral, its stability is incredibly important for the whole of DeFi as we know it; however, because of certain poor judgment calls by Curve's CEO Michael Egorov, a lot of CRV is being used as collateral for millions of dollars in loans made to him, and much has to be done to avoid larger repercussions on the entirety of the DeFi Market.

To balance the volatility of the portfolio and the investment risk, everyone should opt for including stablecoins as part of their wallet; investing them in the DeFi, the portfolio results to be more manageable, while generating constant and safe profits through all possible trends.

In particular, during an uptrend, the stablecoins invested in DeFi protect the user from flash crashes or violent trend reversals, while, during a bearish trend, they allow the investor to gain even if the market conditions are not at their best. Indeed, Stablecomp gives its users the opportunity to earn secure income on stablecoins, during any phase the market is being through.

Following the different trends is unfortunately also very time-demanding. Stablecomp, therefore, is made for those types of savers who suffer from time constraints and want to be able to not suffer from stress and continuous metric checking while being exposed to a project.

Stablecomp is efficient for both those who actively follow the market and for those who seek a low-volatile passive income. In times of mediatic doubt and pressure on the ecosystem, there are always exciting products that learn from its necessities.

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