SCOMP Token: Structure and Mission 

SCOMP is the native governance token of Stablecomp. Its main goal is to make it so that its holders benefit both from the distribution of the fees generated by the protocol and from the governance rights of its DAO. SCOMP has a limited supply of 200,000,000; some of the tokens collected as platform fees will eventually be burned, reducing the supply of tokens and creating deflationary pressure. At the time of writing, the token has not yet been generated. Details about the TGE will be published soon.

SCOMP has two main use cases:

  • Token allows its holders to benefit from governance rights in its DAO.
  • Token holders can suggest and vote for proposals such as integrating a new protocol within the Stablecomp ecosystem. SCOMP holders earn a share of platform fees.

Stablecomp applies the following fees to its vaults:

  • Deposit fee: none
  • Performance fee: 6% of returns distributed as follows
  • 3% to the Governance Pool
  • 0,5% to the harvest function
  • 1,5% to the treasury
  • 1% to the vault strategy
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.2%

However, staking in the Governance Vault earns you a share of 50% of both performance fee and withdrawal fee. How do we do this? 50% of both fees will be automatically collected and distributed in the form of SCOMP among those who are staking our native token in its governance pool in proportion to their stake. Some of the 50% of the platform use fees held by the platform will eventually be burned. This rewards holders and brings a deflationary effect to the token.

Please read the following: The official SCOMP token contract address has NOT been announced by the team, yet. Any other SCOMP tokens will be a scam and will result in a financial loss for users.

  • Do not buy tokens from any other token address.
  • Always verify the token address before purchasing tokens.

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