We are thrilled to announce the launch of a series of video tutorials tailored just for our users.

With the upcoming launch of the platform's SCOMP token, and additional expansion of Stablecomp's use cases, the project will present inevitable changes in User Experience and Interface: the team will accompany you through these variations by making all processes and information available through our Website, X, and Linkedin.

Our video tutorials will be launched in the upcoming weeks and will cover our Decentralized Application's functionalities, including:

  • how to access the DAPP through our site
  • how to connect your wallet seamlessly
  • how to navigate Stablecomp's strategies
  • how to handle and allocate your funds

If you have any questions or want to seek clarifications, Comment under the videos or reach out to us via Telegram (linked on our site), and our team of experts will be happy to respond and provide assistance.

We can't wait to accompany you on this learning journey. Stay tuned and get ready for our video tutorials!

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