Stablecomp Version 0.5: whats new? 

The team is incredibly proud of Stablecomp’s decentralized app’s newest upgrades. Seeing as Version 0.5 has been live starting today, January 16th, let us take a look at what it brings to the table for our many users.

Improvements in UX/UI speed

Our first dAPP version has taught us much more than we initially expected, especially when considering our numerous interactions with the user base which makes the Stablecomp dream a reality. Your suggestions regarding dAPP speed,especially when connecting your wallet and examining any available strategy as to proceed with tempestive action, have all been noted.

Improvements in dAPP layout

While focus has mainly been on bettering Stablecomp’s back-end performance, the team has used this chance to also take care of minor, but cumulatively important details which needed fixing - our users might notice a more proportioned, structured and cleaner look when examining and utilizing the decentralized app.


Stability for user operations, and eventual rectification of certain deposit and withdrawal issues has been our primary concern. Rest assured our investment in bettering the stability department has paid off: no user should come across any issues in the future. Also, more stability has come to the stablecoin return strategies we offer; users will also find more diversification opportunities, while not compromising on security and efficiency.

Analytics and Portfolio

Finally, Stablecomp’s new dAPP version allows our users to engage with both the Analytics and Portfolio sections, which respectively allow for each of you to examine and take action around your risk profile, and to manage your portfolio allocation in Stablecomp’s various strategies.

Stablecomp’s v.0.5 is live, and many more updates regarding token burning, staking and marketing will follow!

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